What is the definition of failure for you?

Amritanshu Thakur
2 min readNov 2, 2021


According to google dictionary, the meaning of failure is lack of success.

Is this the right way to define failure? What is your perception of failure?

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According to my definition of failure, it is my biggest fear and, I feel very humiliated as I have faced it once already and, the only emotion I now feel is regret. Will you believe me if I said that I had the first encounter with my biggest fear for the first time in my life, i.e. I failed for the very time in my life? Regret is one of the strongest emotions I have ever felt and, the experience has not been a gentle one.

Somewhere, someone is failing daily and, they feel different types of strong emotions. When I failed, it felt as if my perfect world crumbled in front of my eyes and, all I felt was regret because I knew it was my fault that I failed.

But can you see the success here? I can, because here I realized that it was my fault that I failed.
The second thing I noticed was that I am feeling regret because I know that I have done some things I shouldn’t have. I was trying to find my mistakes and, this helped me in avoiding them next time.
The third thing I did to come out of the regret was to show myself that I could succeed if I tried once more because, as Marilyn Monroe said that

“ Just because you have failed once, doesn’t mean you are going to fail at everything.”

Don’t let your definition of failure make you feel like a failure.

Use this three-step approach to change your perception of failure:
1) Accept that your actions are the reason for your failure. Don’t try to impose this on others.
2) Find the mistakes that you committed and never let them repeat again.
3) Give yourself just another chance and prove to yourself that you can achieve all of your dreams if you never stop trying.

Remember that: Rejection is redirection.



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