How your self-worth shapes your reality?

Amritanshu Thakur
3 min readJan 22, 2023

We keep telling ourselves different stories of our reality depending upon how we perceive ourselves.

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Following are the thoughts that cripple our minds from time to time:
— I don’t deserve the people who love me so deeply.
— I am the biggest sinner in my life.
— I don’t even deserve to live because of the deeds I have committed.
— I am not worthy of the life I am living.
— I have never done anything good in life.
Is it wrong to have these thoughts? No.
But is it wrong to believe in them?
The best thing about these self-destructive thoughts is that no matter the bad things you have done in your life, you have a sense of judgement.

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You are a righteous person. Sure, you are flawed, but that makes us human. In order to change the way you think about your existence, you need to change how you perceive yourself.
You need to understand that God has made you go through different circumstances to shape you into a righteous human being, and that’s a superpower. Because most people don’t even realise what they are doing is wrong. But the story is incomplete because you haven’t told yourself the most vital aspect. This part is that you are the person who is worthy of all the love you receive, and you deserve to be happy. You have gone through different traumas and dark times, you have been alone and depressed, and you have experienced multiple highs and lows, so now is the time to forgive yourself and set yourself free.
Forgive yourself for the lies you have told yourself and your loved ones. Stop asking forgiveness from God because He forgave you the instant you realised you were wrong. Accept that you are in the best state of being and have a fresh perspective on reality. Start today to change the way you feel about yourself by showering yourself with all the love you can and bringing positivity into your life.

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Affirm the following:
— You will only do what is good for you and the people around you.
—Love and forgiveness are the virtues of your life.
— You deserve the love you receive.
— You deserve to live this life and live it to the best you can.
— You had to experience the hard times to become the resilient version of yourself.
— You are a beautiful human with a pure heart and will achieve greatness.
From now on, change how you see yourself and accept that you are worthy of all the good things you have in your life, and you will have more goodies coming to you in future. Fight head-on with the difficulties, and never let hard times lower your self-worth.



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