5 best pieces of advice I have ever received from my family members

Amritanshu Thakur
3 min readNov 7, 2021


Recently I have been asking my family members to give me life advice based on their experiences and, I have received some of the best pieces of life advice ever known to me. I would love to share them with all of you:

1) From my Grandfather:

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He just said one line: “Live an adventurous life!”
It is something you might have heard a lot but, this line is very refreshing to me as, I grew up in a family where everyone told me to live a life as easy as possible and, easy means, following a straight path that will help you make money enough for a living without much hustle. When he said this, I asked him if I could try something exciting or new and, he said that you should because that’s what makes life more exciting to live.
Do something you have never done and try the thing you are dreading to experience. Listen to your heart’s deepest desires and start your journey towards them.

2) From my Grandmother:

She just said one line: “Take care of your body, treat it as if it’s your most valuable possession because it is the only thing that will stay with you till the end.”
We generally take our bodies for granted and, my grandma made the same mistake and, as a result, she had to suffer from arthritis most of her life.
Do a workout daily. Be it yoga, hitting a gym or following a fitness YT channel; do anything that suits you but, some form of physical activity is a must. Don’t take your health or body for granted.

3) From my Mother:

She just said one line: “ Become financially independent, so that you never have to take permission for spending money on yourself and on people you want to.”
Money is a necessity for a happy and fulfilling life. Even if you are a person who thinks it is not necessary, take note of this: “Indeed, money is not everything but, it is something that can get you many things”. So, try to be financially independent but don’t forget your morals and ethics.

4) From my Dad:

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He just said one line: “ Become a knowledgeable person.”
Try to know about different fields and think critically. Don’t be biased because of the things you have heard. Use your rational and critically thinking ability to make your own opinions about different topics.
Enhance your critical thinking skills because this will make you capable of adding something new to the table and, people will look forward to having a conversation with you.

5) From my little sister:

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She likes to do things rather than talk about them:
Have a solid determination and give your 100 % in whatever you are doing. Don’t do it at all if you are doing it casually because you will only get a mediocre result.”



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